Celebrating 1 year on International Women's Day!

Celebrating 1 year on International Women's Day!

Today is a day to celebrate women, parents and parents-to-be all over the world. Wherever you are on your journey to parenthood, today we celebrate you. 

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Celebrating 1 year with Eva

A year ago we welcomed our daughter Eva into the world. Today, we are celebrating her first birthday. It's hard to believe that she's no longer a baby. She's a little person with a big personality who is growing so quickly and learning so much each day. Time flies... 

Celebrating 1 year as a mother

Today is also a day to celebrate myself as a mother and woman. 

Someone said to me recently that your child's first birthday is in some ways a bigger milestone for parents than it is for the child.

Today marks...

A year since my body was pushed further than I thought it could go.

A year of constant trial and error. 

A year filled with countless tears. 

A year of anxiety, worry, and fear. 

A year full of more love and happiness than I could ever imagine possible.

A year of hundreds of new memories and adventures. 

A year of gratitude, new priorities and a full heart. 

I made it through, I made it here, I made it to today. Eva may have done most of the growing but I have grown so much too as a mother and a person. I am taking a moment today to recognize everything I have gone through and to be proud of who I am as a mother and woman. 

Celebrating women all over the world

Today is also a day to celebrate women all over the world. 

We don't talk often enough about the incredible hurdles we have to overcome on this road to parenthood. Endometriosis, fertility challenges and fertility treatments, miscarriages, stillbirth, child loss, painful pregnancies, deliveries, and recoveries, lack of support, postpartum depression, and the list goes on. We carry this incredible weight on our shoulders, we push through the challenges, we persevere even though it can feel overwhelming or hopeless at times. We push our bodies to their limits and beyond, bear the grief, live through the pain, function on little sleep, all so we can bring new life into this world. 

And so I am also taking a moment to share how proud I am of every other woman, parent, and parent-to-be out there. Wherever you are on your journey, today we celebrate you. You are strong, you are powerful, you are extraordinary. And never forget, you are not alone.

Happy International Women's Day. 

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