About us

A message from the owner

Hi! I'm Bethany, a tired parent and the owner of Tired Parents & Co.

Our online shop, based out of Toronto, Canada, offers clothing and classes for parents and their littles, from 0-18 months.

We curate products that are made using sustainable materials and ethical manufacturing practices as well as a focus on quality that your family can feel good about. Our hope is to make dressing your family a bit easier with capsule wardrobes full of neutral colours that you can mix and match. Click on Our Ethos below to learn more.

Our classes are educational for babies and parents - they're also a great place to just be with people who know what you're going through.

So how did this all start? With extra time for creative brainstorming while on maternity leave, the idea of a little shop started. I had spent so much time researching high quality, sustainable, gender-neutral clothes for my own child, I knew that helping others find the same was important to me.

After a miscarriage and an anxiety-filled postpartum year after my daughter Eva was born, I realized how many parents are also struggling to navigate the highs and lows of parenthood and how essential community is to getting through it all.

And so Tired Parents & Co. was born as a way to provide clothes, products, classes and community to others.

You're tired. So are we. Let's be friends.

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